Our work

is dedicated to the prosperity of our city

We help

our city citizens to live better

We seek to provide

a better environment for our community

We will make it

all together


President Message

Ferdaos Club is an initiative that emerged in response to the deteriorating social bond among the citizens of Sed el-Baouchrieh that is undergoing fundamental changes affecting its social structure similarly to other communities in the region that are experiencing the same process.

In the absence of institutional efforts from the Public and the Private bodies to remedy this severe situation, a group of young citizens took the initiative in an attempt to restore the social bond by creating a platform for social and cultural activities named ‘Ferdaos Club’ with regards to the origins of our locality ‘Ferdaos’ also known as Sabtieh.

In this context, a website and a Facebook page have been created as a communication tool aiming at reaching residents and natives of Sed el-Baouchrieh, rallying them for a ‘connected community’.

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